Monday, January 6, 2014

January Newsletter

The combined Gateway Yachts/ Nordic Yachts Northwest Newsletter is located at the link below. In it you'll find useful information about upcoming boat shows, owner cruises & rendezvous, as well as Operational Notes emanating from the Gateway fleet of Aspens and Nordic Tugs.

Make sure to visit us at the upcoming Seattle Boat Show January 24 - February 2 where we'll have two brand new Aspens, as well as the largest Nordic Tug ever displayed indoors!

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Monday, April 1, 2013

April Newsletter

- Don’t miss the Anacortes Spring Boat Show coming up next weekend, April 5 – 7. Going to be a fun show and a great time to see Gateway I, Gateway II, and Aristocat all cleaned up and shiny. Bring friends and family and show off your boat!

- Please welcome Pete and Jan van Leynseele to the Gateway owner group! They are the latest proud owners of Gateway I and are really looking forward to this coming boating season. They are very experienced boaters who previously owned a Tollycraft and also currently own a trailerable cuddy-cabin. We are truly lucky to have such a great group of owners and the van Leynseele’s are a great addition. Please welcome them warmly as you see them around!

- Gateway II is on the water and running like a proud stallion (can “she” run like a stallion?)! At any rate, the C100 handles unbelievably well, a real upgrade in performance in many ways; speed, handling, tracking, weight carrying ability, storage space, etc. If you have yet to take her for a spin, let us know a good time and we’ll get you out.

- Gateway III, the new Nordic Tug 34, is under construction in Burlington, WA, and I’m told is right on the timeline for completion and delivery at Trawler Fest (May 16th). The hull is now out of the mold, and major components will be moving this week into the Nordic assembly building for outfitting and joining. If anyone would like to see her under construction, let me know and I can arrange that, she’ll be located right beside the Aspen mock up.

- Upgrades & Blendshares– There is movement occurring from the C90 to the C100 and also to the Nordic Tug as well. Gateway has established the following guidelines for upgrades:
-The formula for upgrade if you own your current share for less than 6 months is:
     -Price difference between what you paid and the new share price, plus tax & license on the difference.

- The formula for upgrade if you own your current share for 6 months or more is:
     - Depreciation on your current share, plus the price difference between what you paid and the new share price, plus tax & license on the difference.
     - You must own at least a 1/16th share to participate in the “Hard Schedule” bid process.
- You may upgrade a trip using Open Time for a daily fee (currently $120 per day for C90 owners to upgrade to C100).

- If you own any Blendshare combination that totals 1/8th or more, then you have access to unlimited Open Time on all boat models in which you own a share.

- It is possible to keep 1/16th on your current boat and simply upgrade 1/16th to another boat. The price calculation is the same. For example, a C90 owner who would like to upgrade 1/16th to the C100 at current prices would pay only $6,050 for the upgrade, plus tax & license. They would then have unlimited Open Time on both boats.

- Blendshare owners will take 3 weeks on one boat, and two on the other, alternating each year.

Upcoming Events

- Anacortes Spring Show – April 5 -7. C90s & C100 on the water, demo rides available after show hours, call to schedule yours. Free parking and admission.

- Trawler Fest – Anacortes, May 16 – 19. Largest show in Anacortes, includes many boating classes and other activities. Don’t miss the introduction of Gateway III, our first Nordic Tug!

Upcoming Owner cruises:

o May 31 - June 2, 2013 – Aspen Cruise – Poulsbo, WA
o June 27 – 30, 2013 – Gateway Cruise – Islands/Victoria cruise
o August 17 - 24, 2013 – Aspen Cruise – Barkley Sound, west side of Vancouver Island or as voted.

April Operating Notes


- New Cap Sante Slips are located on the ‘F’ dock. You can park in the load zone next to the marina office to load/unload, and then park on the other side of the marina office for long term parking. Slip assignments:
o Gateway I – F0 (also known as G0, previously labeled on old maps as F1)
o Gateway II – F3
o Aristocat – F5
Gateway III – F7 (if available by May)

-Marina Wi-Fi: Free. Will come up as “Cap Sante Guest” (with spaces between). When prompted for security, enter the marina phone number without spaces and without dashes “3602930694.”

-Marina rest rooms after hours – enter code “113” (remember the three digits add up to 5).

-Marina Security – Security guard on duty in the evenings. Security phone number is 360-293-5000 if needed.

- Revving on the Red Line – All current Gateway boat motors red line at or just above 4,000 RPM. There have been some difficulties with the Cummins motors when they are operated at or near full power for extended time frames. The manufacturers recommend not exceeding 90% of the rated RPM for continuous cruise, thus the boats are now placarded “3600 RPM Max Continuous.” This means that for power settings above 3600 RPM, the maximum time limit is 5 minutes.

- We are taking measures to inspect our engines regularly for known items and are also installing exhaust bellows that should help relieve stress from the exhaust elbows and turbo charger assemblies. Gateway owners can help protect our engines by maintaining RPM within limits and by checking the engine compartment regularly. Should you encounter any engine warning, please stop the boat and inspect, call Gateway for assistance if needed.

- Generator for the Aspens – One of our owners purchased a new Honda 2000 portable generator for use on the boat. We have installed tie-down points on the swim platforms (GI & coming to G2) for temporary mounting only when the boat is not in motion (at anchor only). It is very light-weight and quiet. Once on the swim platform you run the power cord up to the external power receptacle and you are in business for hair drying, toasters, microwaves, whatever you want even while on the hook (have power already when at the dock). There’s about $1,400 invested in this and they’re willing to share with anyone willing to share in the expense, although they would have first priority for its use. I think contributing $350 is a good deal for anyone wanting this ability, please let us know if you want in.


-Oil Dipstick – The oil case on the Volvo motor is pressurized. The oil dipstick must be ALL THE WAY IN. Push until you hear it click, then push again to be sure it’s in. Failing to do so will result in oil blowing all over the engine compartment. There is a light just above the dipstick hole so you can see it, turn on the “Cockpit Lights” switch and that light will illuminate.

- Be sure to check the weather and tides before departure!    Gateway Yachts » Fishing and Weather Reports

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Gateway Yachts to Buy Four Nordic Tugs in Innovative Order Announcement

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:                                                   March 22, 2013

Gateway Yachts of Anacortes, WA and Nordic Tugs Inc. of Burlington, WA announce a multi-boat deal to place Nordic Tugs yachts into Gateway’s Fractional Ownership Program.

This four boat deal provides for the immediate purchase of a new Nordic Tug 34 along with options for two more Nordic Tug 34’s and one Nordic Tug 39. Total retail value of the deal exceeds $1.7 million at current list prices.

Gateway’s innovative Fractional Ownership Program dramatically lowers the cost of boat ownership, opening up the market to a much larger demographic. Gateway manages all aspects of yacht ownership providing top-quality all-inclusive service right down to the clean and shine. This successful approach is developing fierce customer loyalty and strong demand for Fractional Ownership and Charter services. “It’s the perfect solution for those aspiring to experience the joys of cruising in a Nordic Tug without the financial commitment of full ownership,” says George Armendariz, General Manager of Nordic Tugs.

“Combining that innovative service with Nordic Tugs’ top quality recreational trawlers is the perfect match,” claims Nate Martin, Founder of Gateway Yachts. Nordic Tugs are known for the attention to detail built into every fuel efficient tug styled yacht. They are the perfect year round cruiser for inland and offshore boating.

As a part of the purchase agreement, Gateway Yachts and Nordic Tugs will jointly market the program with Gateway focusing on the sale of fractional shares and Nordic Tugs’ dealers concentrating on the sale of whole boats. The program will be initially centered in the Pacific Northwest where Gateway Yachts will serve boaters seeking a professionally managed fractional share. Those wishing the ‘full ownership experience’ can rely on the staff of Nordic Northwest Yacht Sales. According to Martin, the program will gradually expand to other key boating areas across the country. Anacortes Trawler Fest (May 16th to May 19th) will be the launch event of this innovative marketing strategy.

The Gateway Program is patterned after Berkshire Hathaway’s Netjets corporate jet fractional ownership program. One eighth fractions of a Nordic Tug yacht includes 5 weeks of advance scheduled use per year plus unlimited open time availability. This ground-breaking program produces the lowest cost method of ownership as compared to charters or even most ‘fly-to-destination’ vacations.

The program’s concierge-level service creates a rewarding, hassle-free ownership experience. High operational availability is ensured by a fleet of new Nordic Tugs, with their traditional craftsmanship and durable build quality. “By featuring Nordic Tugs, which are made in America, the program turns a turbulent economy upside-down, proudly creating jobs right here in Washington State”, adds Martin.
Nordic Tugs are among the most fuel efficient in the industry. Along with the inherently ‘green’ characteristic of fractional ownership, this program is the most environmentally friendly power boating experience possible.

Fractional Ownership Program details can be found at Further information about Nordic Tugs is available at

PDF LINK: Joint Press Release

Friday, March 1, 2013

Aspen C100 – Monumental Game Changer

That’s right, I said “monumental game changer!” I’m choosing those words carefully, they are not an exaggeration or just another marketing line. I’m talking about an industry changing technology that just proved it is scalable and in fact only gets better with size.

When Larry Graf and his team built the C90, many were skeptical. It’s a terrific boat, but now the Aspen team has proven they are capable of applying the concept to larger boats and that it not only works, but is an unbelievable leap over everything else on the market. Dave Pugh, who did the engineer work on the C100, has to be proud. He not only had to get the shapes perfect, he had to layout the boat and distribute its weight so that the asymmetric hulls matched their displacement against the weight they carry. Fail to do that and the boat doesn’t float level. Well, here’s the picture of the boat floating for the first time:

While it looks nice, knowing what went into it, I say WOW, great job. Being a pilot for more than 30 years, I’ve seen my share of engineering projects, many simpler than this, that didn’t go right – so congratulations.

But how does it do when you put it into motion?

Spectacular! Tracks even better than the C90, like it’s on rails. Turns flat as a pancake, similar in motion to a BMW or a Corvette that stays level and flat in a turn – both directions.

The first thing you’ll notice about the C100 is its stature. It sits about 7 inches taller than the C90 and has more presence due to its size. It’s lines are beautiful:

Sound – Even without the insulation added yet, the boat is far quieter in the cabin, and very comfortable in the aft cockpit even at full throttle.

Performance – The 220hp Volvo D3 is silk smooth and brings the power on like right now. The motor has a very sporty but subtle rumble, love the sound. Look down at the GPS and you’re doing 20 mph without even breathing hard – hey, that’s near top speed of the C90 (which is already amazing for a full displacement hull). As we pushed the power all the way up, the engine rested on it’s computer controlled max rpm and thus we may have slightly too little pitch in the propellor. Still, it was running at about 25 mph, and Larry is taking the prop in to see if we can’t get even more top end out of it.

During the maiden voyage we had five of us big guys on it, nearly 1,200 lbs in all. It absolutely slayed the waves and wakes we encountered without so much as a noticable wiggle – yes, better than the C90. Notable fuel consumption looked like this:
8.5 mph – 1.5 gph, which equals nearly 6 miles to the gallon! 17 mph – 5.0 gph, almost identical to the C90 with that much weight – amazing, remember this boat is right at 35 feet in length! 20 to 21 mph – 6.0 gph. This felt very comfortable and ultra smooth. Is top speed in a C90 and is where you’ll find Nate passing almost everyone else on the water by… in a full displacement hull getting 3.5 miles to the gallon!! Crazy. Like I said, this is a GAME CHANGER.

With less weight and a little propellor tweak I think those numbers only get better. What’s cool about the hull is that it’s comfortable at any speed and actually smoother the faster you go – most boats have speed zones in which they are not at all capable, not so with the Aspen.

The wake it leaves is freaky. The C90 leaves a wake like a little ski boat, but the C100 leaves an even smaller and cleaner wake! Two very little rooster tails, one behind each hull, then the water falls perfectly flat. This is the result of the extra clean way the hull knifes through the water. Larry designed in what I call a “serrated leading edge” to knock down the spray and to replace that stainless steal spray bar on the C90… works like a champ, the water leaves the leading edge and goes straight out to the side, even going through waves at top speed did not see spray from the helm position – we had to lean over the side from the aft cockpit to see it.

Advantages to other boats on the market? Unbelievable efficiency, stability, handling, and with two double hulls, six water tight compartments, and seven automatic bilge pumps this boat is just flat out inherently safer. Honestly, I have tons of time on the water and I simply don’t see any disadvantage – I truly believe this is the boat of the future and the closest thing to perfection in a coastal cruiser made to date.

Yes, I’m excited. I am personally inviting everyone to come up to either Everett or Anacortes and take it for a spin – I don’t care if you already own an Aspen, a Gateway share, or whatever, let’s go out and have some fun, you will be amazed. Oh, and I don’t really care what the weather is doing, my personal limit is 40 kts, anything above that and my fear is that you’ll have fear – me and the boat will be fine otherwise! Call and let’s take it out.

Do not try this at home, but, the other day I did a C90 demo ride (just me and one other) in 4 to 5 foot wind blown chop and swells with the winds gusting to 40 – whitecaps inside the marina. Thruster away from the dock into the wind, held it’s position no problem. Rotated the boat in the alley 90 degrees, put it in idle and was doing 3.5 mph idling into a 30 knot wind without even hearing the wind and rain. No other boats on the water – and frankly I would not have taken another boat out that day, gale warnings posted. However, as I tell people, if you boat enough, eventually you will run into conditions that scare you – when that day comes, it will be a traumatic and very memorable day for everyone on board – those who boat and fly a lot know what I mean. When that day comes and you’re riding in an Aspen, forget the trauma. You will probably remember it, but you won’t be remembering the trauma, you’ll be remembering how well that boat rode and how it kept you and your loved ones protected.

Larry Graf Reinvents the Boat...

I encourage everyone to read the following article.  Pictures are of Gateway I, both inside and out.

Article: Larry Graf Reinvents the Boat

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Gateway News - February 2013

- Seattle and Vancouver Shows Huge Success. Though overall traffic at both shows was down incrementally, sales and sales leads were up strongly for both Aspen and Gateway. The combined energy and marketing technique were quite evident in the Seattle display which had a much larger presence this year than last thanks to the combination of Aspen, Gateway, and input from investors and all who contributed. The power of sharing and working together was evident, it is a cornerstone of Gateway’s philosophy.

The Vancouver show was a test for Gateway to see if Canadians are willing to make the trip across the border and that was received quite positively. Again thank you to Aspen for the effort and for being open to the power of cooperation. We have many contacts to follow-up with and will be in touch shortly…

Gateway’s summer schedule is beginning to fill up, so if your goal is boating this season then acting soon is advisable. Demo rides are occuring now in the C90, and will begin shortly in Gateway’s new C100.


Through a massive combined effort, the Gateway/Aspen booth this year held a 100% full scale wood mockup with a picture display “How To Build a Boat 101,” an innovative Aspen C90, the Prototype Aspen C100 “Gateway II,” and nearly 300 square feet of custom wood decking made just for the show. Gateway played a large role in the C100, C110 investor relations, C110 mockup, and in setting up the display.

We believe this independently judged award substantiated the most innovative booth at the largest show on the west coast. Innovative way to build a boat, innovative boat, and innovative way to own a boat!

Thank you to all who contributed, a lot of long hours went into this year’s display.

- Aspen 32’ C100 Progress. Remarkably, the boat hasn’t even hit the water, yet Aspen has already taken seven firm orders for this tremendous new boat. That’s quite a feat in this economy, a real testimony to the innovation that Larry brings to his designs.
This boat will generate a lot of publicity… industry reporters are already calling this “The Perfect Boat” and are lining up to do test rides. Look for a flurry of activity in the coming months.

Gateway II is nearly complete, initial sea trials will begin within the next week or so. We’ll be scheduling demo rides after March 1st. I guarantee that this boat will be booked out for the summer, and Aspen’s production is already booked into summer, so if you want a shot at it this year, the time to act is now.
As a reminder, it is possible for current C90 owners to upgrade their share to this boat, either their whole share or as part of a Blendshare – please inquire if you’re interested. It may also be possible to use the C100 either in Open Time or by trading your Hard Schedule time on it. I’ll be checking out program owners as they have time. This is THE boat for fishing or crabbing, and converts into a clean and beautiful cruiser in minutes that has plenty of aft cockpit space for entertaining or Bar-B-Queuing with our new stainless Burnewiin mounts.

-Aspen 36’ C110 Progress: With another presale in the bag and a lot of interest from the recent shows, Aspen is just a couple more presales away from starting the large tooling project necessary to turn this mock-up into the real thing (can’t tell you how many jokes we heard regarding whether or not that type of construction will float).
Of course Gateway is the launch customer for the 36’ as well, and we also need presales to keep our commitment. Keep in mind that those who buy prior to construction will receive a large discount on their share price as then we don’t need to finance that portion of the acquisition and can pass that savings on.

The C110 is a very fun and exciting project. Nowhere else will you get the chance to have input into such a new and innovative design. This coming Monday my daughter Taylor, Scott Stoner, and myself will head over to Nordic Tugs to put the mockup back together. After that it will be available for showing Monday – Thursdays. I encourage everyone interested to make an appointment and come see it while there’s time to make input.

On Monday, March 11th, at Nordic Tugs we’re holding a C110 input session for investors and potential buyers. Please contact me if you are interested and able to make it. For those who miss it, let us know of your interest and we’ll schedule another date that works for you.

Upcoming Events

36’ C110 Input Session – Monday, March 11, Nordic Tugs, Burlington, WA.

Anacortes Spring Boat Show – April 5 -7. C90 & C100 on the water, come see them both and take them for a ride that will forever change the way you think about boating!

Trawler Fest – Anacortes, May 14 – 19. Largest show in Anacortes, includes many boating classes and other activities.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Pacific Nor'West Boating Magazine - Gateway Article

Special thanks to Author Chuck Gould:


Almost everyone would love to be involved with boating. Those of us who are lucky enough to be able to indulge our passion for being on the water fully appreciate how life is enhanced, transformed, and in many ways defined by the hours and days we put aside to spend on our boats. Any family raising children, or grandchildren, can help mold young characters in positive directions as well as create family memories that will be cherished for a lifetime by spending time on a boat.

Why doesn’t absolutely everybody go boating (or, at least a far greater number of folks than actually do)? Walk around either location of the Seattle Boat Show this month, and just as evident as the gleaming hulls and latest fantastic technologies will be the age old barriers to entry. Owning a boat, at least in the way that most of us first imagine when considering the question, is expensive. Maintaining a boat is also expensive, as well as time consuming. For too many families who yearn to go boating, the aggregate cost of boat payments, insurance, moorage, fuel, maintenance, and repairs is well beyond affordability. Other families may be able to handle the expense, but still find it difficult to justify such a large financial commitment in view of the  limited number of days or weeks each year they will be able to actually use a boat.

The traditional solution to the dilemma has been chartering. It will cost a few thousand dollars to charter a cruising boat of reasonable size for a week. When compared to the cost of family airfare to a deluxe resort and the cost of renting one or two hotel rooms for the same week, the cost of chartering a yacht can be extremely competitive. However, chartering isn’t for everyone. Many boaters will want to enjoy boating far more often than just one week per year. Who wouldn’t feel more “at home” with their personal items aboard a vessel?  There’s no more “pride of ownership” in a traditional charter boat experience than there is any sense of ownership when staying in a rented hotel room.

How many people would spend two or three weeks per year in a hotel room if the only means for doing so were to purchase an entire hotel?

Gateway Yachts, in Anacortes, has established a program that addresses the financial and time commitment barriers to boating, while still providing the freedom and scheduling flexibility of an ownership experience. Imagine boating, with 100 percent of the fun and none of the work at a fraction of the cost.

The fundamental economic problem with most boat ownership is that we are forced to buy and maintain a lot more boat than we need. Even a very active boater will be using a boat for only a fraction of the year, but absorbing many of the same expenses that would be incurred if the boat were in daily use. Certainly insurance and slip rental will be the same whether or not a boat ever leaves the dock. As every boater knows, there are certain ways in which things can uniquely deteriorate from lack of use just as surely as from being “worn out”, so the annual costs for maintenance and repairs isn’t correspondingly reduced when a boat owner uses his or her boat only 10% of the year, (or less).

Gateway Yachts offers a means through which a boater can own just as much boat as they are planning to use. Through Gateway, an owner buys an undivided fractional interest in a power or sailing yacht. The size of the fraction is determined by the owner’s needs, not pre-determined by a rigid formula, and can be as little as a 1/16 undivided interest in a boat. An incredibly active boater could purchase a quarter interest or even more.  

The most popular fractional purchase through Gateway Yachts has proven to be the 1/8 undivided interest. An owner of 1/8 interest can schedule 5 weeks of use each year, as well as enjoy an unlimited number of days use when none of the other factional owners have scheduled the boat. That 1/8 fraction should prove more than enough to enable a vacation cruise during good weather, as well as many weekend cruises each year- (a fairly common usage level among experienced boaters).

In order to provide a highly personalized level of service, Gateway has each owner complete an Owner’s Preference worksheet and uses that information to prep the boat before each owner’s use. If an owner has a variety of décor items, cookware, clothing, or provisions they expect to find aboard when arriving to use the boat, Gateway will store those items between uses and restock and stage the boat prior to each owner’s individual use.

When ready to go boating, a Gateway Yachts owner simply pulls into the marina parking lot, steps aboard the boat, and casts off. The boat is already clean, stocked, and ready to depart. Upon return, there is no need to spend many hours scrubbing and polishing the boat, or even unloading personal effects. The Gateway Yachts crew handles everything.  In a very literal sense, a Gateway Yachts owner enjoys 100% of the fun of boating, with none of the associated work, and at a small fraction of the true cost of sole ownership.

So, how do the costs compare?

Using a new Aspen C90 Power Catamaran as an example, here is how a Gateway Yachts 1/8 fractional ownership stacks up against traditional sole ownership,

Purchase price, with tax:  Sole ownership- $240,885    Gateway fractional ownership - $38,041

Down Payment (if financed): Sole ownership- $48, 132    Gateway fractional ownership- $11,412

Note: A Gateway Yachts fractional owner can pay cash for a 1/8 undivided interest, and make no monthly finance payments, for about $10,000 less than the cost of a down payment for a sole owner.

Monthly finance payment: Sole ownership - $1437.00    Gateway fractional ownership - $431.75

Estimated indirect ownership costs: Sole ownership - $833/ month. Gateway fractional ownership - $320/ month.

Hoping to get into boating, but put off by the high costs? Already a boater, but looking for a means by which to reduce your cost of ownership? In either case, Gateway Yachts is easily worth consideration. For additional information, please visit the web site http://www,

Sidebar: The Fleet

Gateway Yachts offers fractional ownership of Aspen Power Catamarans as well as Jeanneau sailboats.

Aspen Yachts are among the most fuel-efficient powerboats available, yet provide a high level of comfort and are capable of a good turn of speed.

Remarks about Aspen Power Catamarans on the Gateway Yacht web site read: Aspen currently builds 28′ and 32′ sleek, fuel efficient cruisers, and has tested design plans for a 36′ and 54′. The Aspen has a modern Proa Hull design which ensures one of a kind speed and fuel efficiency. The power-proa hull has 35% more interior square footage than mono hull designs providing more spacious living areas. The efficiencies of their new hull includes 70% less drag than comparable designs and is equipped with solar panels capable of recharging batteries at dock or anchor. The 28′, C90 Cruiser, burns 4.5-5.0 gallons per hour at cruise speeds of approximately 17 mph. The Aspen Power Catamaran is the latest in innovation, fuel economy and green boating.

Gateway’s comments regarding Jeanneau: Bénéteau/Jeanneau is the world’s leading production sailboat maker. While the Jeanneau has a distinctively French heritage, the Gateway Jeanneau’s are manufactured in the U.S.A. at Bénéteau/Jeanneau’s Marion, South Carolina plant using the very latest construction technology designed to pack a ton of features into a very competent and price competitive sailboat.