Thursday, December 18, 2014

More Progress on C111 - Hull Comes Out of the Mold...

Gateway V, our first Aspen C111, is really taking shape.  Not only is this a completely new and modern design, but it's also the first boat in the Gateway program that will be sold under the new Gateway program - details and pricing to be released soon, along with an entirely new Gateway Yachts website.

Here's Aspen Founder, Larry Graf, alongside his newest creation as it comes out of the mold:

Gateway V Coming out of the Mold inside the Nordic Tug Lamination Facility.
Look at all the structure inside this boat!  Rigid and will last forever: 

There's no wood whatsoever in the structure of this boat!  The bulkheads are 100% Coosa, which is a super dense, fiber infused, closed-cell foam board.  It's not crushable, and will hold and support bolts and other fasteners.

Total cost of just the Coosa?  $6,000 for the Coosa, marine plywood could have been used for only $1,200!  And that's what separates a quality piece that will literally last a century plus, from something that's designed to look good initially but then fails to hold up over time.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Retro Nordic Tug Ad!

Many improvements have been and are being made to the Nordic Tug lineup since these days...  Come to the Seattle Boat Show, January 23 - February 1, and we'll release details of a major model change that's in the works.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Gateway V / 38' Aspen C111 Now in Production!

38' Aspen C111 with Flybridge - Gateway V

Here comes a tremendous new boat model that will reside inside of a newly retooled Gateway Yachts Program.  Details of the new Gateway Program will be made public soon, we are launching a brand new Gateway Yachts website that will highlight the new program features.

The new Aspen C111 is an amazing engineering feat.  Super stable, extreme efficiency, quality build, and inherently safe too.  Double hull construction, it's fiberglass work is built by the experts at Nordic Tugs.  You can follow the build progress here as well as on the Gateway Yachts Facebook site.

Here are some photos taken inside of the Nordic Tugs lamination facility, note the scale of the boat, it has a beam of nearly 14'.  Also note the number of bulkheads going into the structure, they are 100% Koosa (high density fiber impregnated product that is impervious to water), and will make a hull that will outlive us all, a useful life more than century!

C111/Gateway V hull with koosa bulkheads tacked in place.

Patos Island Playground via Nordic Tug and Drone!

Amazing views of Patos Island by 2013 Nordic Tug 34 and drone (beautiful in full screen, click lower right corner of video).  Thank you Kevin and Laura for sharing!

Monday, January 6, 2014

January Newsletter

The combined Gateway Yachts/ Nordic Yachts Northwest Newsletter is located at the link below. In it you'll find useful information about upcoming boat shows, owner cruises & rendezvous, as well as Operational Notes emanating from the Gateway fleet of Aspens and Nordic Tugs.

Make sure to visit us at the upcoming Seattle Boat Show January 24 - February 2 where we'll have two brand new Aspens, as well as the largest Nordic Tug ever displayed indoors!

Please click here to download our January Newsletter.

Monday, April 1, 2013

April Newsletter

- Don’t miss the Anacortes Spring Boat Show coming up next weekend, April 5 – 7. Going to be a fun show and a great time to see Gateway I, Gateway II, and Aristocat all cleaned up and shiny. Bring friends and family and show off your boat!

- Please welcome Pete and Jan van Leynseele to the Gateway owner group! They are the latest proud owners of Gateway I and are really looking forward to this coming boating season. They are very experienced boaters who previously owned a Tollycraft and also currently own a trailerable cuddy-cabin. We are truly lucky to have such a great group of owners and the van Leynseele’s are a great addition. Please welcome them warmly as you see them around!

- Gateway II is on the water and running like a proud stallion (can “she” run like a stallion?)! At any rate, the C100 handles unbelievably well, a real upgrade in performance in many ways; speed, handling, tracking, weight carrying ability, storage space, etc. If you have yet to take her for a spin, let us know a good time and we’ll get you out.

- Gateway III, the new Nordic Tug 34, is under construction in Burlington, WA, and I’m told is right on the timeline for completion and delivery at Trawler Fest (May 16th). The hull is now out of the mold, and major components will be moving this week into the Nordic assembly building for outfitting and joining. If anyone would like to see her under construction, let me know and I can arrange that, she’ll be located right beside the Aspen mock up.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Gateway Yachts to Buy Four Nordic Tugs in Innovative Order Announcement

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:                                                   March 22, 2013

Gateway Yachts of Anacortes, WA and Nordic Tugs Inc. of Burlington, WA announce a multi-boat deal to place Nordic Tugs yachts into Gateway’s Fractional Ownership Program.

This four boat deal provides for the immediate purchase of a new Nordic Tug 34 along with options for two more Nordic Tug 34’s and one Nordic Tug 39. Total retail value of the deal exceeds $1.7 million at current list prices.

Gateway’s innovative Fractional Ownership Program dramatically lowers the cost of boat ownership, opening up the market to a much larger demographic. Gateway manages all aspects of yacht ownership providing top-quality all-inclusive service right down to the clean and shine. This successful approach is developing fierce customer loyalty and strong demand for Fractional Ownership and Charter services. “It’s the perfect solution for those aspiring to experience the joys of cruising in a Nordic Tug without the financial commitment of full ownership,” says George Armendariz, General Manager of Nordic Tugs.

“Combining that innovative service with Nordic Tugs’ top quality recreational trawlers is the perfect match,” claims Nate Martin, Founder of Gateway Yachts. Nordic Tugs are known for the attention to detail built into every fuel efficient tug styled yacht. They are the perfect year round cruiser for inland and offshore boating.

As a part of the purchase agreement, Gateway Yachts and Nordic Tugs will jointly market the program with Gateway focusing on the sale of fractional shares and Nordic Tugs’ dealers concentrating on the sale of whole boats. The program will be initially centered in the Pacific Northwest where Gateway Yachts will serve boaters seeking a professionally managed fractional share. Those wishing the ‘full ownership experience’ can rely on the staff of Nordic Northwest Yacht Sales. According to Martin, the program will gradually expand to other key boating areas across the country. Anacortes Trawler Fest (May 16th to May 19th) will be the launch event of this innovative marketing strategy.

The Gateway Program is patterned after Berkshire Hathaway’s Netjets corporate jet fractional ownership program. One eighth fractions of a Nordic Tug yacht includes 5 weeks of advance scheduled use per year plus unlimited open time availability. This ground-breaking program produces the lowest cost method of ownership as compared to charters or even most ‘fly-to-destination’ vacations.

The program’s concierge-level service creates a rewarding, hassle-free ownership experience. High operational availability is ensured by a fleet of new Nordic Tugs, with their traditional craftsmanship and durable build quality. “By featuring Nordic Tugs, which are made in America, the program turns a turbulent economy upside-down, proudly creating jobs right here in Washington State”, adds Martin.
Nordic Tugs are among the most fuel efficient in the industry. Along with the inherently ‘green’ characteristic of fractional ownership, this program is the most environmentally friendly power boating experience possible.

Fractional Ownership Program details can be found at Further information about Nordic Tugs is available at

PDF LINK: Joint Press Release