Monday, July 25, 2016

Ever thought about owning a Sail Boat? Meet Kittiwake!

31' 1987 Pacific Seacraft - Kittiwake pictured with Jeff Gleckler at the wheel.

Click Here to see more Photos and full specs on Kittiwake!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Anacortes 2015 Spring Boat Show

- FREE ADMISSION - This Weekend! 

Anacortes Spring Boat Show

New Builds - Pre-Owned - Fractional Shares!

Come see us at the Anacortes Spring Boat Show in Cap Sante Marina TOMORROW! We will have our entire Gateway Fleet available to view and demo - in addition to our  Brokerage Inventory. If you have your eyes on a new boat, let us help you build one to your specifications! 
WHEN:                                            WHERE: 
April 10th - 12th                             Cap Sante Marina 
10am - 5pm                                     1019 Q Ave, Ste B
                                                         Anacortes, WA 98221

RSVP to set up an appointment with a salesmen or to schedule a demo ride! 

Gateway Yacht's 2014 Nordic Tug 39
5 Week Share
Gateway Yacht's 2015 ASPEN C111
Pre-Selling Shares NOW! 
Available May 2015
SuperShare - Share Ownership - Lease

Current Listings

1998 Nordic Tug 37
2011 Ranger Tug 21
2009 Nordic Tug 32
2013 Aspen C100
1981 Nordic Tug 26
2007 Nordic Tug 32
1990 Hunter 37.5
1982 Nordic Tug 26
2007 Nordic Tug 32

1992 Tollycraft 44

2014 Ranger Tug 31


Let Us Sell Your Boat!

Thinking of listing your boat for sale? Now is the time of year to prepare your boat for the market! We NEED Nordic Tug 37's & 42's - our inventory is running low! Come by to see how Nordic Yachts Northwest represents our listings and how we can represent your vessel.

Friday, March 20, 2015

How to Buy a Boat

The following are a few tips about how to buy a boat – the right way!

Here at Nordic Yachts Northwest we recognize that life is full of obstacles and as salesmen, our job is to overcome these obstacles when it comes to boat sales. Truthfully buying a boat can be a simple and pleasurable experience – as it should be! But often times, this is not the case.

You can look at the process of buying a boat as 10 steps:
  1. Focus your dream – decide what type of boating you want to do: cruising, fishing, or watersports… Think of what your boating needs and goals are.
  2. Educate yourself about the expenses (moorage, insurance, maintenance, etc.) that come with boating and determine what you can afford. Secure financing if needed.
  3. Find the boat! This is where a broker can come in handy – helping you find the boat that pulls at your heart strings.
  4. Take a test ride and see how the boat performs. Does it feel comfortable and safe? Is it fast enough? Steady enough? Roomy enough? Quiet enough?
  5. Propose an offer to purchase the boat with a 10% deposit. Determine the price, and contingencies. Financing, demonstration, marine and mechanical surveys are common additional expenses.
  6. The Seller will receive the offer to purchase from your broker, review it and will typically reply with a counter or accept the offer.
  7. Schedule marine and mechanical surveys if applicable.
  8. Review surveys and negotiate repairs of major findings, if there are any.
  9. Accept any previous agreed upon contingencies.
  10. Closing: this takes about a week. Final signatures, transfer of funds and delivery! Congratulations!

A few tips about the process:
  • If you’re working with a representative broker let them initiate contact and schedule appointments, or at least disclose that you have a representative broker. If you find a boat you want to look at further, tell your representative and let them coordinate things.
  • With the help of your representative broker, make an educated offer; look at the typical asking price and selling price of similar boats.
  • It is best practice to let the broker or title agent handle communication between the Seller and Buyer, after all, that’s why they are there – to represent you & your interest!
       If you're in the market for something new give us a call! 

       Steve Graf
       Nordic Yachts Northwest 

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Fast Approaching - BOATING SEASON!!

Are You Ready For Boating Season??

Yes, we know it’s still winter, but boating season
will be here before you know it!  


Thinking of getting into a new boat but need to sell your current boat first? Let Nordic Yachts Northwest represent you and your boat correctly! We have had a very busy Fall and Winter and our Brokerage Inventory is running low. Learn more about the services we provide all of our listings: Click Here


Gateway Yachts will be introducing two brand new models to our fleet this season - a2015 Aspen C111 and a 2015 Nordic Tug 40! We are currently selling Shares in these boats and offering a 5% discount on Share purchases while these boats are still in their construction phase. Contact us if you'd like to learn more, or schedule a factory tour! 

If you're interested in buying a New Nordic Tug or Aspen Power Catamaran for this coming season, now is the time to order! Each boat is built to order and build slots are filling up quickly. Let us walk you through the options, create a personal quote and build the boat of your dreams! 

Nordic Yachts Northwest's Service Department is scheduling yearly maintenance now. As the season approaches our calendar will continually become more booked! If you'd like us to service your engine, de-winterize, buff and wax, or anything else for your boat - contact us soon so we can get you on our calendar. 

Saturday, January 17, 2015

New Nordic Tug Model – The Nordic Tug 40!

You’re hearing it here first!  The 37’ Nordic Tug transitioned to the 39’ Nordic Tug and now it’s morphing again, this time into the Nordic Tug 40. 

Gateway Yachts and Nordic Yachts Northwest will once again be leading the way by adding this new model to our fleet this season – tentative completion date will be about July of this year (2015).
Although the 37 and 39 were similar in outward appearance, there were numerous changes that occurred inside the boat – new windows, new head layout, new second stateroom layout, larger helm station, smaller nav station, upgraded engine and systems, new flybridge, new galley layout, etc.
The Nordic Tug 40 will be another step forward in the evolution of the tug.  The major changes, that are first noticeable, will be the larger aft cockpit that’s created by moving the transom back to where the swim platform ends now.  This will create more usable space to make the aft cockpit more functional.  This change also creates the ability to install doors on each side of the aft cockpit, creating easy entry and exit into and out of the boat.
With the addition of twin gunnel doors, the prior transom door will shift to the middle of the transom instead of the side.  This extra space and ease of entry is an enormous improvement.  The 40 will then acquire a substantial new swim platform that’s attached to the transom of the boat, making the overall length increase to a little more than 42’ overall.
There are a ton of other changes occurring, and I’ll be writing about those as I can get pictures to share with you – changes that I’m sure are going to be well received and appreciated by Nordic Tug owners who expect a quality and well thought out product.
Here’s a photograph of the first 40 hull showing how the modification is beginning.  The transom is being slid backwards, creating the space for the gunnel doors – visible in this picture at the far side of the hull:
This hull is modified to extend the length - from this modification the 39 mold will then also be modified and from that mold all future 40 Nordic Tugs will be made
 Here's a picture of the hull from the bow prior to being modified:
First 40 Nordic hull taking shape prior to being modified.
This is going to be a very special boat, I can't wait to see it on the water.  Please contact us if you would like to get your Nordic 40 built, or would like to get your share of a Gateway Nordic Tug 40!

The Time is NOW to Arrange Upcoming Season of Boating!

Yes, I know it’s the middle of winter, but now’s the time to be making plans for the upcoming boating season!


The Gateway Program Hard Schedule Bid for the months March - August occurs in February right after the Seattle Boat Show!  New entrants enter our new boat fleet initially on the bottom of the list... but the list rotates down two positions with each bid, so any new entrant prior to February will bid AT THE TOP OF THE LIST.  

Those who get a Gateway share after the bid will be taking time after all the other members have already bid, so it’s a big benefit to getting your share before the end of the show that starts next week and runs January 23 – February 2.

We have shares available in all the current Gateway boats including:

-         2013 28’ Aspen C90

-         2014 32’ Aspen C100

-         2014 Nordic Tug 39

And we currently have two all new boat models under construction:

-         2015 38’ Aspen C111

-         2015 40’ Nordic Tug (New modernized Stretched version of the 39 w/larger aft cockpit, gunnel doors, and many other improvements)


For potential new whole boat buyers, if you desire to own your prized Nordic Tug or Aspen this season, you need to have your boat under construction ASAP, as in now! 

Both Nordic Tugs and Aspen have order backlogs, so depending upon what you want you may already be looking at a delivery that’s late in the season.  The sooner you start the build process, the sooner you will be enjoying time in your quality new boat!

See you at the show and on the water!

Friday, January 16, 2015

New Gateway Program Options and All New Website


January 13, 2015


Gateway Yachts of Anacortes, WA, announces program changes meant to make it even more affordable to enjoy time on the water.

In addition to our traditional Fractional Ownership program we are now offering two new programs:
  • Lease Program – The lease program costs substantially less upfront and rolls monthly lease payments into the all-inclusive monthly fee. This knocks down entry barriers, and also creates an easy and predictable exit strategy.

  • SuperShare™ Program – A SuperShare is by far the lowest cost way to spend time on the water in a new Nordic Tug or Aspen. A SuperShare owner buys the boat of their dreams, bases it at their favorite Gateway location, gets scheduling priority for 10 weeks of use per year (or more), and Gateway guarantees to pay 100% of the fixed operating expenses and the remaining portion of the boat’s monthly payment (usually 75%).

Details of both these programs can be found on our all new website at

These new programs come into effect with new boats only, while the program remains unchanged on the boats already in our legacy fleet.  The first two new boats under the new program are Gateway V, a new 38’ Aspen C111, and Gateway VI, a new 40’ Nordic Tug.

Both these boats are currently under construction and Gateway Yachts is offering a 10% discount for those who purchase shares while the boats are still under construction.


Nathan A. Martin, Founder
Gateway Yachts, LLC
2808 Morrison Ct. Anacortes, WA 98221
Phone: 253-229-1817