Friday, January 16, 2015

New Gateway Program Options and All New Website


January 13, 2015


Gateway Yachts of Anacortes, WA, announces program changes meant to make it even more affordable to enjoy time on the water.

In addition to our traditional Fractional Ownership program we are now offering two new programs:
  • Lease Program – The lease program costs substantially less upfront and rolls monthly lease payments into the all-inclusive monthly fee. This knocks down entry barriers, and also creates an easy and predictable exit strategy.

  • SuperShare™ Program – A SuperShare is by far the lowest cost way to spend time on the water in a new Nordic Tug or Aspen. A SuperShare owner buys the boat of their dreams, bases it at their favorite Gateway location, gets scheduling priority for 10 weeks of use per year (or more), and Gateway guarantees to pay 100% of the fixed operating expenses and the remaining portion of the boat’s monthly payment (usually 75%).

Details of both these programs can be found on our all new website at

These new programs come into effect with new boats only, while the program remains unchanged on the boats already in our legacy fleet.  The first two new boats under the new program are Gateway V, a new 38’ Aspen C111, and Gateway VI, a new 40’ Nordic Tug.

Both these boats are currently under construction and Gateway Yachts is offering a 10% discount for those who purchase shares while the boats are still under construction.


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