Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Gift…

My father always told me, “Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it!”

Fifty years of experience have proven dad profound. As a boy I was gifted with travel all over the San Juan Islands - experiences that I'll never forget and were filled with life lessons. With Thanksgiving behind us, indeed, I am reminded how blessed we are – family, food, energy, and in the Pacific Northwest bountiful beauty that spans thousands of miles of coastline.

But as I look towards the Christmas season it’s hard to escape the pervasive commercialism that now surrounds us all. The television is largely one giant commercial, “vacations” are nerve racking freedom insulting experiences to over-hyped commercial locations designed to plunge you and your family into fantasy and into debt.

The choice is yours to make on behalf of your family. Your children and grandchildren can grow up bathing in commercialism, or they can experience the richness of expanding their reality horizons.

Here’s a thoughtful suggestion. How about doing something different this holiday season by giving five weeks a year on the waters of the Puget Sound experiencing nature in all her glorious reality? Eagles, whales, endless forests, parks, marinas, coastal communities, fine dining, and fishing for salmon, halibut, and crab… all this awaits as you explore the sheltered waters of Washington, British Columbia, and even Southeast Alaska.

And the healthful experience of a lifetime comes at a price that is less than a typical family Disney World vacation. Endless credit and central bankers not required.

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