Friday, April 20, 2012

Unique Industry Teaming - Don’t Miss Trawler Fest!

Trawler Fest is coming to Anacortes May 15th through May 20th! This is the largest show of the year for Anacortes, and is also the most interesting as it includes ”Trawler Fest University,” online courses, seminars, and demonstrations that are interesting and educational. I hope everyone attends as it is a ton of fun!

This will be the first show in which Gateway Yachts is teaming up, stern to stern, with Aspen Power Catamarans of Snohomish, Washington. We will each have a brand new 2013 Aspen C90 at the show – if you want the whole enchilada, you see Larry Graf at Aspen, and if you want to smartly own a share professionally managed by Gateway, then you see us! Truly, this is a groundbreaking relationship that has the potential to reshape an entire industry as fractional ownership has already done with corporate aviation.

The relationship gets even more interesting when you consider that Aspen and Gateway have also teamed with Nordic Tugs of Burlington, Washington. Nordic Tugs, known for their quality construction, actually constructs the hulls for Aspen, doing the majority of the fiberglass work. The boats are then assembled and finished at Aspen’s manufacturing facility in Snohomish. So much cooperation would have been unthinkable in this industry just a short time ago – my how quickly the power of cooperating can spread!

See you at Trawler Fest, don’t miss it!