Thursday, February 21, 2013

Gateway News - February 2013

- Seattle and Vancouver Shows Huge Success. Though overall traffic at both shows was down incrementally, sales and sales leads were up strongly for both Aspen and Gateway. The combined energy and marketing technique were quite evident in the Seattle display which had a much larger presence this year than last thanks to the combination of Aspen, Gateway, and input from investors and all who contributed. The power of sharing and working together was evident, it is a cornerstone of Gateway’s philosophy.

The Vancouver show was a test for Gateway to see if Canadians are willing to make the trip across the border and that was received quite positively. Again thank you to Aspen for the effort and for being open to the power of cooperation. We have many contacts to follow-up with and will be in touch shortly…

Gateway’s summer schedule is beginning to fill up, so if your goal is boating this season then acting soon is advisable. Demo rides are occuring now in the C90, and will begin shortly in Gateway’s new C100.


Through a massive combined effort, the Gateway/Aspen booth this year held a 100% full scale wood mockup with a picture display “How To Build a Boat 101,” an innovative Aspen C90, the Prototype Aspen C100 “Gateway II,” and nearly 300 square feet of custom wood decking made just for the show. Gateway played a large role in the C100, C110 investor relations, C110 mockup, and in setting up the display.

We believe this independently judged award substantiated the most innovative booth at the largest show on the west coast. Innovative way to build a boat, innovative boat, and innovative way to own a boat!

Thank you to all who contributed, a lot of long hours went into this year’s display.